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My name is Brendan

I am from Germany
I am a AUT creative art student
I speak German, Italian and English
I study IELTS
Entering AUT’s creative art program has been one of my greatest achievements. All of this has come from my precious IELTS result. After taking class with NZIoS for 4 months, I mastered the skills of IELTS exam and obtained a satisfactory score for AUT. Now I am having fun designing and creating! Design is the blood of my life, IELTS class with NZIoS is the vein to carry it!
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My name is Priyanka

I am from India
I am a Customer Service Representative
I speak English, Hindi, Panjabi
Currently I have three major things to do, study, work and travel but I don’t find it hard at all. Living in New Zealand is like living in the dream where I can do so many things without having to travel miles. Road trips with friends are so great that I am so relieved from daily routines. Because I love travel, NZIoS offer and introduce me to may activities that I can participate, which make me feel really grateful.
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My name is Ai

I am from Japan
I am a University Graduate
I speak Japanese, English
I study General English
New Zealand is fantastic with great scenery and great people. I have made many friends from other countries, such as Brazil, China, Colombia, Korea and Thailand. At NZIoS, I have also learnt about local tribe(Maori) and the culture, which I found it really interesting. I missed my days spent in school NZIoS and life Auckland city. I have gained a great experience and a strong improvement in my English skills.
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My name is Mohammed Ali

I am from UAE
I am a Student
I speak Arabic, English and a little bit Chinese
I study General English
My vacation of English study in NZIoS, Auckland has been a great challenge and also fun at the same time. I have never lived outside my own country before, and never have experience being in the country where I have to speak English. I was really scared, but things got better when I made so many friends in the school. We played soccer after class. We visited many interesting places around Auckland and South island. I have had a very great time, and have gained my confident in speaking English.
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My name is Faris Abdullah

I am from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
I am a Student
I speak Arabic, English
I study General English
I graduated high school in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. I came to New Zealand without an ability to speaking a word of English. Now I can speak English very well after 5 months with NZIoS. The school have provided me with a lot of help and support throughout my studies. Furthermore, with the help from NZIoS, I was approved by Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission with King Abdullah scholarship. I am looking forward to studying in New Zealand’s top university in the future.
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My name is Marilia

I am from Brazil
I am a Law Secretary
I speak Portuegese, English
I study General English
After graduating university , I worked in a law firm. I felt a lot of pressure from my job because I couldn’t speak English well. Therefore, I started my unforgettable journey to New Zealand and choose to study my English at NZIoS. People in New Zealand are so easy to get along with. All my friends in school are very patient with my English and teachers always correct me in a very friendly way. I love my school and enjoy living in New Zealand very much.
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My name is David

I am from Colombia
I am a Chemical Engineer
I speak Spanish, English
It’s very amazing that NZIoS has so many highly qualified lecturers who are teaching us about the management and new business trends around the world. At NZIoS, I can always find nice and helpful teachers who are willing to answer any question related with my studies, whether by face to face or by email. However, working and studying at the same time has been stressful, but I am enjoying my life in Auckland very much.
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My name is Kongdech

I am from Thailand
I am a Graphic Designer
I speak Thai, Japanese, English
I study General English
I finished my graphic design course from one of the university in Japan, and then I decided to come to New Zealand to improve my English skill in order to pursue my dream career and find a better job in the global design company. Here in NZIoS, with the help of my lovely teachers, I began to speak sentences of English without much worry or struggle. I will continue learning English and use the methods my teacher at NZIoS taught
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