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Course description

NZ Diploma in Business Level 6 consists of 12 modules (papers, 240 credits in total), with comprised of level 4, 5, and 6 papers. Each paper provided worth 20 credits. For students to have successfully completed this course, they are required to achieve 240 credits where 80 credits gained must be from level 6 papers. Students must also complete six out of seven core papers offered. Table below presents a list of papers that are available for students to select. The numerical code represents the level of the subjects offered.

CORE PAPERS (Select 6 out of below)

500 Accounting Principles

510 Introduction to Commercial Law

520 The economic Environment

530 Organisations & Management

541 Fundamentals of marketing

550 Business computing

560 Business Communication

OPTIONAL PAPERS (select 6 out of below)

430 Quantitative Business Methods

469 Academic Skills for business studies

501 Accounting Practices

601 Financial Accounting

602 Management Accounting

603 Business Finance

620 Managerial Economics

630 Leadership

631 Strategic Planning for a Small Business

633 Human Resource Management

635 Employment Relations

636 Applied Management

642 Marketing Research

644 Buyer Behaviour and communication Strategies

648 Marketing Planning and Research

650 Applied Computing

652 Systems Development

International students who graduate from the NZ Diploma in Business are eligible for a one-year open job search visa under the INZ Study to work policy. Students moving to higher degree studies in Business may have the ability to cross credit papers from NZ Diploma in Business towards their university degree.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the New Zealand Diploma in Business will, in a range of diverse and changing organisational settings, effectively be able to, add value by applying specific business skills, apply a range of interpersonal and communication skills, apply critical problem solving skills with initiative and judgement, recognise ethical and cultural issues inherent in decision making, and work independently and within teams of diverse people. They will also have appropriate skills, research abilities and knowledge to pursue further study and professional

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