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Course description

NZIM Diploma in Management Level 6 (Advanced) course builds on the skills of the Diploma in Management Level 5 and is suitable for those who wish to pursue a professional management career. Students will have completed the Diploma in Management or the New Zealand Diploma in Business, or their equivalent in other qualifications. This qualification is designed for people who wish to specialise in management as a profession. The programme also provides an entry-point into advanced qualifications for adults over 20 years of age, middle or senior managers wishing to provide conceptual rigour for their experiences. The students may enter on evidence that they have practical competence, skills and experiences to enable them to benefit from the challenge provided by the programme.

Graduate pathway

Students who successfully complete this NZIM L6 programme will be able to:

  • Analyse effective leadership behaviours and practice managing at enior level
  • Develop confidence to transform knowledge to the organisation situation
  • Create business plan strategy and development
  • Manage and analyse strategic change process
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of health and safety and work place legislation requirements
  • Understand and apply knowledge and key elements of business finance

Programme structure:

This NZIM Level 6(Advanced) qualification made up of eight modules(papers) , 160 credits total, most of which may be credited from the NZ Diploma in Business and NZ Diploma in Management. To successfully complete this course, students are required to pass eight papers.

The eight papers are:

630 Leadership

636 Applied Management

652 System Development

602 Management Accounting OR 603 Business Finance

633 Human Resource Management

632 Operations Management

620 Managerial Economic

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