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Class overview

Our General English classes are designed for students who want to improve their English skills. The classes focus on fun and sociable English learning experiences as well as exciting outdoor activities. Our Academic English class is designed to prepare students for academic study at tertiary level. It also encourages the development of independent learning, where students will gain skills in academic research and work with complex English content.

Class description

At NZIoS we offer 3 levels of General English class (GE), where students are allocated to a suitable level according to their placement test result. The levels we offer are as described below:

  • GE1 =General English level 1 is equivalent to Elementary English level, which focuses on an introduction to reading and writing with intensive listening and speaking including pronunciation and conversational skills.
  • GE2 =General English level 2 is equivalent to Pre-intermediate English level. This level focuses on strengthening students’ vocabulary skills and grammar.
  • GE3 =General English level 3 is equivalent to Intermediate English level, which aims at consolidating and practising all major language skills.

Graduate profile

Students who successfully complete this General English programme will be able to:

  • use English language for everyday life/work/study effectively,
  • express points of view both orally and in writing,
  • interact socially both effectively and fluently,
  • gain the opportunity to advance to the next level of learning in both language and tertiary study,
  • advance to an Academic English focus.

Course Length: 12 week

Course Intake: General English starts any Monday

Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

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