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Kia Ora !

Welcome to New Zealand Institute of Studies (NZIoS)

Thank you for choosing New Zealand Institute of Studies as your destination for education. New Zealand Institute of Studies is registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the New Zealand Ministry of Education. The Academy is situated in the Central Business District of Auckland. A strong education culture is fostered across all academic divisions which enables NZIoS to maintain the highest quality of teaching for our students. Our tutors are highly qualified with excellent teaching skills and are supported by an efficient administration team.

We recognise that choosing to leave your home country in order to pursue an academic education at NZIoS is an important decision. NZIoS offers a unique education environment that focuses on individual attention and development. We give our attention to your multicultural needs and help you to reach your educational and professional goals. Our courses include a variety of educational programmes that will provide a pathway for you towards both local and international opportunities in business, employment, and higher education.

We at NZIoS are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of education and student support throughout your stay with us.

I would like to invite you warmly to our Institute and I am confident that your stay with us will be both stimulating and rewarding.

Bruce Minogue



New Zealand Institute of Studies (NZIoS) was registered in New Zealand with the Ministry of Education in 2006. NZIoS is also a Private Training Provider recognized by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA), which provides high quality academic instruction and support to international students. We maintain close links with government, leading corporations and professional associations; this ensures that our courses are relevant, practical and deliver the skills that are most in demand, so our graduates add value as employees and community members.

New Zealand Institute of Studies offers flexible learning that responds to your way of life and learning. Our campus is situated in Auckland CBD with close proximity to train and bus stations. The campus is located on Queen Street.

Our students come from all over the world and have the option to select from multiple education programmes. The programmes enable NZIoS students to become global citizens and develop a richer cultural perspective.

NZIoS has students from a total of more than 40 regions including Asia, Europe and South America. We have designed our courses to assist students to gain entry into a Bachelor of Business degree or Master of Business degree, so they can find a successful future career in terms of employment and immigration. To encourage international education, we welcome international students and long or short term study groups from different countries.

Our Vision

NZIoS will be the leader in the provision of high quality educational programs that encourage excellence, promote critical thinking, develop autonomous study skills and foster lifelong learning for both career focused and/or tertiary bound students who are young adults.

Our Mission
Transforming young lives through learning.

New Zealand Qualification Authority’s Role
NZQA’s role in the education sector is to ensure that New Zealand qualifications are regarded as credible and robust, nationally and internationally, in order to help learners succeed in their chosen endeavours and to contribute to New Zealand society.

NZQA is responsible for

• managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework;
• administering the secondary school assessment system;
• independent quality assurance of non-university education providers;
• qualifications recognition and standard-setting for some specified unit standards.
NZQA’s role in helping learners to succeed through education is expressed in this Whakatauki (Maori Proverb)

NZQA assesses the standard of education for tertiary education organisations through a regular system of external evaluation and review (EER). Through periodic EER, tertiary education organisations are held accountable to their students, employers, funders, quality assurance bodies and other interested parties.(

Why Us

A quality education abroad enables you to gain skills, qualifications and global experience that will help you elevate your career. We want you to have the best start on you journey.

We understand that studying abroad brings new challenges and decisions along the way. We’re here to provide expert support, so you can concentrate on your studies.

We offer
Guidance and experience to help you make the right choice for you

Choosing to study abroad is an exciting opportunity. We also know that it can feel a little daunting. We have 10 years of experience helping international students like you find the right place to achieve success. You have thousands of study options available to through our programs. We’ll help you understand your options so you can make the right choice for you.

Dedicated support continues with personalised teaching

From NZIoS’ academic and English languages support, to residential advisors and welfare officers. We’re here every step of the way.

Benefit from teachers who are experienced in supporting international students. Teaching styles might be different than you’ve experienced before and we’ll help you adjust and build your skill set. And, you’ll always to have our time and attention.


Our campus provides modern teaching facilities and public library that you can share with the community. We provide computer labs, tutorial area, learning center, dining area to enable you achieve your very best while you are studying with us.

School Facilities

Our campus has the following facilities which will enable you to achieve your very best while you are studying with us:

Computer labs
Computers and the internet are very important tools for the student learning process, such as for research, report and essay writing, and communicating.

At NZIoS, we have a number of open access labs where students can use and work on their studies. Our computer technology and system here are always upgraded to meet the needs of our students. The labs are located on Level 12. We also provide other important office facilities for students, such as printers, scanners and photocopiers.

The tutorial area
To help improve and enhance our students’ learning performance, we have set up tutorial area for every student to attend.

In this area, students can spend time at school catching up with their studies or even catching up with their classmates. The tutorial area is located on level 12 main hall on the right of the reception counter. The facilities and tools we provide in the tutorial area to help support students with their learning are study desks, chairs, computers, books, printer machines, wireless.
The tutorial area is open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, so it is convenient for students to select a suitable time to attend.

The library
To help support out students learning, at NZIoS, we provide a book and learning resources area which covers a wide range of topics. Students can access and use these books and learn resources at any time but within the school grounds. There are varieties of books that students can read and enjoy, such as text books, magazines, journals, newspapers and database access to support the students with studies. For more resources needs, we encourage students to use the Auckland public library which located close to our campus. Student advisor can provide details of procedures for the use of the Auckland public library if required.