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Apply To New Zealand Institute Of Studies

If you would like to study in the university in the heart of the city that focus on changing the world for better to morrow, you’re choosing the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community with a full range of backgrounds. If you would like to study in the university in the heart of the city.

Course Fees

Course Name Course Length Tuition Fee
English Language Development for ESOL Students (Training Scheme) (level 3)  20 hours/week  $330NZD/week

NZCEL (Level 3)

NZCEL (Level 4)

NZCEL (Level 5)

 16 weeks
20 hours/week




  • Resource Fee: $380
  • Enrolment Fee: $310
  • Price may change without further notice, please contact us directly for the updated fee structure.


  • Homestay PlacementFee : $290NZD
  • Accommodation Fee (Over 18) : $290NZD/week
  • Airport Pickup Fee : $150NZD
  • Medical Insurance(insurance fee depends on duration of study) : $71-510NZD
  • Homestay Rearrangement fee (requests NZIoS for change and without reasonable reasons) : $125NZD
  • Compliance Service Fee for students under 18 years of age : $50NZD/week

Fee protection & Refund policy

  • The New Zealand Institute of Studies uses the RSM Prince Chartered Accountants for fee protection, this ensures the fees are available in the unlikely event of insolvency, regulatory closure or withdrawal of accreditation of the Academy; this is an NZQA approved method of fee protection.
  • All fees and charges are payable in advance, unless otherwise negotiated and agreed with the Principal. Withdrawal, Cessation of Enrolment and Refund Procedures
  • In order to withdraw from a course of study you must report your withdrawal from a course in writing to the Principal.
  • Students who are withdrawn from study following academic or disciplinary procedures are not entitled to a refund of fees
  • Students who withdraw during the statutory period will be entitled to the following refunds:
  • If the course is up to 5 weeks and the student cancels in the first 2 days we will refund 50% of any tuition fee paid. A request for cancellation/withdrawal must be completed in writing by the student.
  • If the course is over 5 weeks and 12 weeks or less and the student cancels in the first 5 days we will refund 75% of tuition fees paid. A request for cancellation/withdrawal must be completed in writing by the student.
  • If the course is over 12 weeks and the student cancels in the first 10 working days we will refund based on actual costs incurred, the maximum percentage of the payment, or sum of any payments, may retain is 25%. A request for cancellation/withdrawal must be completed in writing by the student


Student Visa

Applying for a new student visa in New Zealand

The information on this page only applies to students submitting a student visa application in New Zealand. Please note that if your main purpose for coming to New Zealand is to study then Immigration New Zealand expects you to enter the country on a student visa (not a visitor visa), therefore you should apply for a student visa before leaving your home country.

When applying for your student visa in New Zealand, you have the option of applying through the International Student Information Centre, or directly through Immigration NZ. If you wish to apply to Immigration NZ, please see below section Applying through Immigration New Zealand.

Immigration NZ

Option 1: $310.00 – online application

Option 2: $277.00

Please note: an enrolment letter will be required for your application with INZ. To request an enrolment letter please email licensed immigration advisor for help.

Required documentation

  • Application checklist for all students
  • Completed, signed and dated application form.
  • New Zealand residential address which must be the same address you have registered on Student Services Online.
  • Two passport-size photographs (less than six months old).
  • Proof of New Zealand Institutes of Studies tuition fees payment. You can print your statement from Student Services Online – refer to the additional information on page four of the visa application form.
  • Proof of Funds – please refer to the additional information on page three of the visa application form.
  • Evidence of outward travel – please refer to additional information on page three of the visa application form.
  • Your passport (ensure that you have blank pages and the passport does not have an expiry date of less than 3 months).

Additional documentation

The following documents may also be required. It is your responsibility to contact Immigration New Zealand and find out whether you need to submit new certificates for the following:

Medical certificate

  • Medical certificates must be submitted every 36 months or when requested by Immigration New Zealand.
  • Medical certificates must be submitted to Immigration New Zealand within three months of date of issue.

Chest x-ray certificate

  • Chest x-ray certificates must be submitted every 36 months or when requested by Immigration New Zealand.
  • Chest x-ray certificates must be submitted to Immigration New Zealand within three months of date of issue.

Police certificate

  • A national police certificate from your home country must be submitted every 36 months. If your national police certificate is not in English, you must translate the certificate and submit both:
    • o    The original police certificate.
    • o    The original translation of the police certificate.
  • Police certificates must be submitted to Immigration New Zealand within six months of date of issue.
  • For information on how to apply for a police certificate, please visit the Immigration New Zealand website.

Immigration New Zealand contact details

Phone: (09) 914 4100
Freephone: 0508 558 855

Applying through Immigration New Zealand

Download the student visa application form from the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) webpage and send your completed application directly to Immigration New Zealand.

The application must include

  • An application fee of NZ$250(online) or NZ$277(manual)
  • Proof of your enrolment (you can obtain this at the International Student Information Centre)
  • Full academic transcript (an unofficial academic transcript is acceptable).

A full checklist of required documents for Immigration New Zealand can be collected from the International Student Information Centre.

You can post your application to:

Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
Student Applications
Private Bag 92223
Auckland Mail Centre

Or place your application in the drop-in box at:

Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
Level 4
280 Queen Street
Phone: +64 9 914 4100


At NZIoS, we can arrange different types of approved accommodation through authorised agents. In most cases, you share some part of your living area with strangers, so you have to be aware of other people’s habits and respect them, as they should respect yours. If you are not sure of anything, you should ask your teacher or student advisor at school and then they can explain and assist.

For students who would like to experience living with a local family, this is great option – Homestay. Homestay is very popular for international students because this environment gives them the opportunity to practice English and learn about New Zealand culture in a safe and supportive environment.

Your homestay will provide your room complete with a bed, cupboard, and study desk with lamp and bathroom facilities. Your homestay should provide you with breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday and with breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. You generally use public transport to get to and from school. You do not have to pay for separate use of water or electricity but your homestay may ask you to limit your use of both as these commodities are expensive in New Zealand. You will be asked to pay for your own cell phone or overseas calls and if you have a computer or want to use the homestay computer, you may be told to share the internet fee (usually $10/week). You may not get the food you are used to, and every homestay has its own sets of the rules. A homestay can be a very rewarding experience. All the Homestay families have been checked by NZIoS through approved qualified Homestay cooperation partners.

Homestay cost 

  • NZD$ 290 homestay administration fee (non-refundable)
  • NZD$150 Airport pick-up(optional)

Weekly homestay board payable:

  • NZD$ 290 /week (Student aged over 18)
  • NZD$50 Compliance Service Fee for students under 18 years of age

*If the student requests NZIOS to rearrange the homestay family without reasonable reasons, $120 replacement fee is compulsory.

Interested in homestay? Apply now:

1. Fill out homestay application form to You can download the form here.

Please submit application by giving minimum 72 hrs noticing time. If a student arrives in New Zealand without giving the appropriate notice (3 working days). NZIoS is not obligated to arrange homestay or airport pick-up. NZIoS will undertake to provide emergency accommodation. However, any extra cost of associated with this emergency accommodation will be at the student’s expense.

2. Confirmation your homestay arrangement

Our homestay coordinator will collaborate with registered homestay agent to find the perfect accommodation which meets all your requirements. We will send homestay family pictures before you make final choice. You will get familiar your living environment even you are in your home country.

3. After arrival.

Student will have an information card when students arrive. The information card include student guideline and host family member contact numbers, address, WI-FI password, train/bus station information. To ensure our service quality, we will conduct monthly survey for student and host family.

We are looking forward to provide perfect accommodation for you!

Student Service-Insurance

Medical & Travel insurance

Having medical and travel insurance is a legal requirement under the NZQA Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

For insurance purposes, an international student is:

  • Any student who does not have New Zealand citizenship
  • Any student who is not a resident of New Zealand (i.e. does not have a valid Residency Permit issued by New Zealand Immigration in their passport).

Immigration New Zealand requires you to have insurance that covers your entire stay in New Zealand until the date your visa expires. Your insurance cover must include the expiry date of your student visa, even after your enrolment at the NZIoS has ended.


NZIoS arranges your medical and travel insurance to help you with your transition to living in New Zealand. We use Orbit Protect Insurance programme, which has been specifically developed for international students by New Zealand’s largest health insurer.

The policy will cover you on your journey to and from New Zealand and for the time you spend in New Zealand. You may claim for baggage damage or loss, travel delay, loss of deposits, documents and money and many other incidents.