English Language Development(ELD)

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 Course :  English Language Development(ELD)
 Course Intake :     ELD starts every Monday
 Duration :  12 Weeks /term
 Hours :  Please refer to the attachment
 Campus :  Auckland, Christchurch

Class Overview

NZIoS English Language Development courses are designed to help students make accelerated progress in learning in each of the core four English Language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and with concentration on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. 

The courses allow students to study EL at any level from one to three and progress through levels one to three. For students aspiring to advance further the courses prepare students for Academic English programmes at level 4 and Level 5.

These courses will equip you to communicate in English independently so you can converse in familiar, everyday life situations in an English language environment.

All our English Language Development courses encompass topics and content from the most popular English textbooks including ‘New Concept English’, ‘English File’, ‘Grammar in Use’ and “Cutting Edge”. These resources will give you intensive practice to improve your English language Skills.

Our uniquely designed courses are delivered online by our highly experienced and qualified English teachers, and contain group, pair and individual activities. After practising skill components there are practice tests followed by feedback from teachers on how to make further progress, with a summative test and report for students at the end of each course.

Time Table

Class description

At NZIoS we offer 3 levels of English Language Development class (ELD), where students are allocated to a suitable level according to their placement test result. The levels we offer are as described below :

ELD1 =ELD level 1 is equivalent to Elementary English level, which focuses on an introduction to reading and writing with intensive listening and speaking including pronunciation and conversational skills.

ELD2 =ELD level 2 is equivalent to Pre-intermediate English level. This level focuses on strengthening students’ vocabulary skills and grammar.

ELD3 =ELD level 3 is equivalent to Intermediate English level, which aims at consolidating and practising all major language skills.