NZCEL Level 3

 Course :  NZCEL Level 3
 Outcome :     University Programme Require IELTS 5.5
 Duration :  16 Weeks 
 Campus :  Auckland, Christchurch

Class Description

The NZIOS NZCEL (Applied) (Level 3) programme aims to develop students’ language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening which will be applied to a specific academic context. The targeted learners are students who are living overseas or in NZ who wish to improve their English proficiency so as to progress through an education pathway to successfully access higher tertiary education options in New Zealand, or internationally. The programme consists of 27 credits from the five EAP unit standards and 35 credits from five unit standards in the English Language domain. The unit standards for the NZCEL (Applied) Level 3 are specified in the NZCEL Guiding Document (May 2019).
Total 62 credits.

Time Table

Study Pathway

On completion of the programme graduates will achieve the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Applied) (Level 3). [Ref: 3667-1]
The qualification builds on the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General, Level 3). The expected outcome is that this qualification will enable graduates to enter level 4 certificates, including proceed to NZCEL Level 4 (General, Employment or Academic) The Graduate Profile Outcomes (GPO) for graduating students of NZCEL (Academic) Level 3 at CEFR low B2 equivalent.

Entry Criteria (NZCEL Level 3)

• Candidates must be 16 years or older.
• Candidates must have achieved NZCEL (General) (Level 3); or an equivalent
• Students have achieved an overall score of 5.0 IELTS across all bands, with no
band lower than 4.5, or an equivalent international test.
• NZIOS will apply their own placement test with student interview to assess the
student’s entry-level.